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Digital Transformation Services

As experienced Digital Transformation consultants, we help you understand emerging technologies, manage ideation, build business cases, and deliver disruptive solutions. Not just innovation by a slide presentation, we roll up our sleeves and build together. We help you develop new models, enhance devices, equipment, and non-electronic objects with sensors, implement smart controls, and tap into sensor data to become more efficient and reach new markets.

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Connected Products and Services

We convert devices into a source of data to help consumer electronics brands explore additional revenue models. You can count on our Digital Transformation services team to:

  • Prototype, design, and test a customer-facing gadget
  • Enhance smart devices with new features
  • Create web, mobile, and embedded applications for a connected product
  • Track and process device usage data to personalize customer experience

Asset Management

We design systems that keep track of industrial assets, goods, and materials. The solutions enable manufacturing, automotive, logistics, and retail companies to:

  • Monitor assets using sensors and RFID tags
  • Facilitate picking and packing operations in the warehouse
  • Streamline inventories and automate replenishment
  • Optimize fuel consumption and route planning

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

We add sensors to industrial equipment and apply Machine Learning to process the data they produce so that our customers can:

  • Monitor equipment condition and health status
  • Anticipate failure
  • Boost customer service
  • Optimize manufacturing operations
  • Fine-tune machinery performance (onsite and remotely)

Featured Projects

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Digital Transformation as a Service


Our Digital Transformation consultants collaborate with the stakeholders in your company to define your project objectives, create the high-level architecture of your cyber-physical system, assess development costs, and outline the scope.


We begin with Business Analysis to rule out technology barriers. Our Digital Transformation services team then creates an iterative project roadmap to deliver business benefits (a technical vision, prototype, features) with each phase.


We follow software and hardware development best practices, including DevOps, to create a scalable, secure product. To keep it up-to-date after the warranty period, Softeq offers comprehensive customer support/care services.

Why Choose Softeq?

End-to-end Services

We can solve any problem you might face en route to Digital Transformation: overload in distributed systems, data interoperability, PCB failure, or any other unforeseen issue.

Focus on IoT

Our team has hands-on experience building intelligent controls and firmware — the key components of cyber-physical systems.

Reinforced Security

We address security concerns at every stage of digital product development without compromising usability.