Celebrating 25 Years
of Innovation

Started as a one-man business in 1997, Softeq today is a 400-strong, multi-location, multi-cultural full-stack development company with a global customer base. Despite the distances (our international team is spread across several continents), we share at least one common trait — passion for what we do, namely — solving business challenges with technology. Here’s a short history of our major turning points, current initiatives, and future plans.


Driven by Passion

It all starts with the founder. The one who puts his zeal and grit into work and leads one’s crew by example. Meet Chris Howard, Softeq Founder & CEO—an avid hard tech problem-solver, a published magazine and book author, a sport pilot, an admitted gadget geek, a family man, a lifelong entrepreneur, and accredited investor—as he unveils the most memorable and life-changing pivots on his journey.


A Little Rain Must Fall

Keeping a business afloat is a bumpy road. One of the inherent qualities of an entrepreneur is the ability to take risks, fail, learn from experience, and carry on the grind. Here are some of the “lessons learned” and entrepreneurial “nuggets of wisdom” picked up by the Softeq CEO along the way.


Fast-Tracking Innovation

The Softeq Venture Studio is founded to support early-stage startups on their path to building a new business. We thoroughly vet each company's business model, product-market fit, and go-to-market plans. We also help them develop their technology by engaging exactly the same consulting and engineering teams who usually work on the projects for our Fortune 500 technology clients.


Contributing to the Better Future

The Softeq Venture Fund is launched to support the growth of early-stage technology startups. The fund attracts a sizable investment from Jumana Capital, a single-family office based in Houston. As a Texas business, Softeq is excited to contribute to the state’s booming early-stage tech community.